Over its 130 years of existence, FBC Kemp has proclaimed the precious name of Jesus throughout Northeast Texas and beyond. Since the 1920’s FBC Kemp has been known for “ringing forth the truth” due to its practice of ringing the church bell which could be heard throughout the community calling worshipers to service. As we look back with a smile, we are thankful for numerous individuals who were faithful to serve the Lord since 1882.  
As we reflect over the rich heritage and fruitful ministry God has entrusted to FBC Kemp over the years, we cannot help but look ahead towards the next century of ministry that awaits us. Our desire is to pursue Christ and follow Him faithfully.
We hope, as we serve future generations to come, FBC Kemp will be known as a selfless church that loves God without hesitation, loves each other through community, and “rings forth” God’s love not only with its surrounding community, but also to the ends of the earth.

 Who will you find at First Baptist?...

You will find many people at FBC Kemp just like yourself. Some are new to the area.  Others are looking for a place to plant their families. Some are searching for truth. There are others taking steps to engage in the ministries of FBC Kemp by establishing friendships through Bible Study which take place on Sunday mornings, Wednesday Night, and other times throughout the year. Some have recently responded in faith to Jesus Christ and are beginning to mature in their faith as they seek to mature as a follower of Christ.  Last but not least, some are taking steps to connect with us through membership. These are individuals who desire to honor the Lord with their life, talents, and time. They not only help others to engage the church, but also, they help others mature in their faith. No matter if you are still unpacking boxes in the area, starting a family, or if you've called south Kaufman Co. home for decades, there are folks just like you who will encourage you and grow with you in your faith. We have a spot for you and your family. You’ll fit right in with FBC Kemp. 

What is expected of me if I want to join FBC Kemp? 

 The word “membership” may sometimes seem like a dirty word. However, that is not what we intend here at First Baptist Kemp. At First Baptist, commitment is essential and it is encouraged through identifiable membership. Simply stated, we want our folks to be committed. First, we want people to be committed to Jesus Christ. That is, our membership is made of those who have publicly expressed their faith in Christ.  Second, we desire our people to be committed to the church. That is, we want followers of Christ who desire to be a part of the family known as First Baptist Kemp to be willing to be make a commitment to the church family. In the New Testament we see that commitment to the church was identifiable and necessary to fulfill certain admonitions.  
When we look at Scripture, we see that the church is a gathering of believers who not only use their gifts to serve the Lord through the local church but also, they serve and encourage one another. We believe the church is the avenue through which we serve our Lord and encourage one another and make disciples of our community and the ends of the earth. Perhaps you are interested in exploring what membership means at First Baptist Kemp. If so, we can catch up soon and talk. In addition, you can participate in one of our Next Steps meetings.
Our expectation for members is simple.
 Gather with us for Worship. 
Grow in relationships through small groups.
Give yourself in service to others.
Go with Christ on mission as you live life.

What we are about...

First Baptist is a community of faith who seek to glorify the Lord by loving HIM, loving others, and developing mature followers of Jesus Christ. Simply stated, we exists to have a passion for God and compassion for people. As a result, we know that God is honored and glorified. Our logo reminds us of the reason for our existence and purpose.

The Cross

As you look at the logo you will immediately recognize what is central–the cross. In everything we do we know that Christ Himself and the Gospel is central to our identity. When the cross is central to our life we will love God, love one another, and faithfully work to produce biblical disciples.


You’ll notice the two colors. Blue represents life and living water. In John 4 and in John 7 we see that Jesus offers living water to all who will respond to him. Those who do repsond in faith, the text says that living water will flow from their hearts. We want to be a people who share Christ; who share the eternal life that is found in Him alone. It also represents our baptism. Through Baptism we publicly proclaim that we are followers of Christ and He is Lord. Not only is Baptism an issue of obedience, it also reminds us that He is Lord and thus we live obediently to Him.


As a result of experiencing eternal life in Christ through faith we are reminded of the call to follow Him too. That is what the Green represents. As faithful followers of Christ we are called to grow in our faith and GO! (2 Peter 3:18, John 15, Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8) We are called to live life in a such a way that we live out the Gospel through word and deed in our communities.
But it doesn’t end there. We are called to go to the ends of the earth to share the Good News of Christ with those who haven’t heard. For believers, the call to grow and go is without question.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 9:45am and 11am.