Cross Fit 2022

What is CrOSS FIT CAMP? 

CROSS FIT CAMP is a unique, fun, and engaging experience for children K-8th grade at the beginning of each summer. For decades, several great churches around the Cedar Creek Lake area have hosted a VBS (Vacation Bible School), just as we have done. However, several years ago we begin to realize that many children participated in multiple Vacation Bible Schools. Rather than their experience being redundant, we wanted to create an active, fun, and field-day type experience where we could encourage each participant to think about teamwork, sportsmanship, character development, and to begin to think about God and his love for them. First Baptist Kemp's CROSS FIT CAMP is our creative take on VBS .... we just do races, tug of war, agility, archery, capture the flag type events, and many more activities that keep the kids on their toes! CROSS FIT CAMP is for everybody, whether they are an athlete or not.

Each night, in addition to our activities, we specifically set a scriptural theme that we emphasize throughout the evening. Our rotation leaders not only begin each activity with a focus on the scriptural theme, but we also conclude each night with a large group time that focuses on it. Our goal with CROSS FIT CAMP is to have tons of fun while pointing kids to think of Jesus and what His word says. So, when you think about CROSS FIT CAMP, while it is engaging, it certainly is not about getting your kid in shape. Rather, CROSS FIT CAMP is about kids looking to the CROSS of Christ and realizing that they too can be (F)ollwers (I)n (T)raining! 

Agility Rotation and Strength Rotation

What students don’t like to have fun? Each night, through both our agility rotation and our strength rotation, Cross Fit participants will have the opportunity to engage in teambuilding activities through maneuvering through obstacle courses, and running routes through cones. On the strength rotation, teams will have a chance to work against other teams in tug a wars. Some nights those that lose will be pulled through the water! 

Speed Rotation

Running helps with fitness, but it also helps students focus on the finish line. Students can learn that they can do what they didn’t think they could do with focus and a “no quit” mentality. In addition, team relay races will help develop solid attitudes about the need for teamwork. At the end of the day, what really matters is speed. Who’s the fastest! We want kids to find the fun in competition and rooting for each other to be the fastest! 

Focus Rotation 

Focus can be a challenge for many students and even some adults. However, learning how to focus and choosing to focus on important things is essential for life. This year, we will help students learn to focus by aiming for a target…yes, our focus rotation will include archery!! Of course, your child needs your permission to participate, but with trained staff and experts on hand, we know this rotation will help students learn, with hands on experience, a simple truth…what you aim for, you will hit. We want students to learn that they can aim for big goals and big dreams. We also want them to know that they can follow the Lord too, if they set their mind on following Him. 
You can register for Cross FIT Camp by either downloading the PDF form (blue tab) or you can register online by completing the information below and clicking the submit button at the very bottom of the page. If you have any questions, please contact Robin Reedy by email at 

Cross FIT Camp Registration 2024

Name of Child Participant
Grade completed on May 24, 2024.
If you have more than one child you would like to register, please provide their name and the grade they just completed.
Does your child have any food allergies? (If more than one child is being registered, please specify any food allergies for each child.)
Does your child have any pre-existing medical conditions that Cross Fit Camp Leaders should be aware of? (If more than one child is being registered, please specify pre-existing medical conditions that exists for each child.) 
Does your child require any medications such as an asthma inhaler, epinephrine pin, etc...that will need to keep with them at Cross Fit Camp? (If more than one child is being registered, please specify the medication(s) for each child.)
Parent/Guardian Name
Emergency Contact Information (if we cannot reach you in the case of emergency)
Dismissal Information (Who can pick up your child(ren) each night?) Please provide name and phone number and what relation this person(s) is to your child. For your our convivence and yours, please provide the names of two individuals that have your permission to pick up your child(ren). 
Do we have permission to photograph your child(ren) and use his or her image for possible publication on First Baptist Kemp's website and/or its social media platforms?

I understand and acknowledge that the activities of Cross FIT Camp include running, muscular activity, athletic mobility, and water activities. As a participant my child may also engage in competitions involving those same activities. During the various activities of Cross FIT Camp, it is possible to have injuries among the children participating. We try not to choose games that are rough, but due to children's competitive nature, accidents sometimes are unavoidable. This year we have included an Archery Rotation for children in Third through Eighth grades. This letter acknowledges that you the parent, or guardian will not hold First Baptist Church of Kemp or its volunteers responsible for any injury to your child during Cross FIT Camp. 
I do / do not allow my child to participate in the Archery Rotation at Cross Fit Camp and will not hold First Baptist Church of Kemp or its volunteers responsible for any injury.